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The Walking Zombie 2: Shooter Mod APK v3.6.29 (Unlimited money)

Download The Walking Zombie 2: Shooter MOD APK with Unlimited money. Zombie singleplayer offline shooter in polygon graphics with RPG elements.

App Name The Walking Zombie 2: Shooter
Last Updated 2023-01-21
Original App Google Play
Version 3.6.29
Size 68.27 MB
File APK
Os 5.0 and up

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    MOD, Unlimited Money

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The Walking Zombie 2: Shooter App Long Text:

    Eliminate all zombies— eliminate them all!

    You'll have access to many weapons with a wide variety of ammo and grenades. Additionally, you'll have a variety of melee weapons to bash zombie heads with. However, be careful not to solely rely on the bat when fighting the boss; you should have other weapons as well. The Walking Zombie 2 App keeps things from stopping at FPS zombie shooter. You can ride in vehicles that shoot heavy weapons and run over zombies to obliterate them.

    The Walking Zombie 2: Shooter Mod
    Complete all quests.

    You'll be able to help the last remaining survivors of the outbreak by completing quests. These quests often intersect with the game’s plot and allow you to discover new things as you go through the game. Advertisement

    The Walking Zombie 2: Shooter Mod
    Determine which direction you'll go in.

    You don't have to curry favor with the survivors. You can even choose a darker path. Your score will determine which additional paths you can choose in the game. Will you show that you're a guiding light for humanity or will you serve your own twisted needs?

    The Walking Zombie 2: Shooter Mod
    Enhance your weaponry with new abilities.

    The game provides players with a large arsenal of weapons. By using additional upgrades, you can make each one more deadly. Alternatively, you can customize each weapon with awesome looks. You can choose to use a golden AK or another more creative option.

    Information needed to use The Walking Zombie 2 mod APK.

    Playing The Walking Zombie 2 requires learning its complex mechanics; therefore, you need to spend time mastering the game. These tips will help you play the game optimally. In the game, you can access a lot of cool perks. Some are useful, like Animal Language and Bookworm. You can also learn skills, which lowers the cost of items in the game. Trader is a good choice because it makes things cheaper. Advertisement As a general rule, completing quests is essential. Doing so advances the plot and grants access to new locations to explore. Doing so also grants a significant XP reward. In the trunk of most cars, there are many supplies to discover. From weapons and ammunition to toys, open the trunk and check it out. Headshots and the destruction of zombie-friendly barrels are recommended for the best results. You can change the shooting gamepad settings by moving the camera over a zombie. In this way, you can fire as long as you’re in motion. With more precise control, you can use less ammo but still hit what you aim at.

    Learn more about The Walking Zombie 2 from the original text.

    The Walking Zombie series is owned by Alda Games; its second part is The Walking Zombie 2. The series revolves around a baby who survived post-apocalyptic life. This isn’t anything new, but the game’s new context is interesting. You’ll explore interesting places when playing the game!


    21 years after the zombie epidemic, a harsh post-apocalyptic world remains. A Walking Zombie 2 takes place in this world, where few prevail against the odds of death. You, the protagonist of this game, are one of these survivors. Nonetheless, dangers and hard work await you. The government is researching a solution to the zombie plague. They need more time because they don’t have any results yet.


    In The Walking Zombie 2, you'll face a number of challenges against mutant monsters and zombies. Your goal is to defeat all enemies at the same time, which will unlock the next level. You must complete this challenge in order to defeat the final boss and research center and propose a biological solution that can cure infected people of the zombie virus. The Walking Zombie 2 is a first-person shooter game with RPG elements. It centers its content around survival and roleplaying; it also features roleplay characters who request quests from the player. Players can converse with these characters, assist them and even interact with them via trade. Players explore the overview map provided by the system as they move through each area. You travel through an open environment where you encounter various terrain features such as trees and buildings. Additionally, you'll encounter obstacles such as cars and buildings. As a result, zombies may appear in the area and you need to defeat them to protect others or complete goals assigned by the game's non-player characters (NPCs). The game features two on-screen sections: one for the left side of the screen and one for the right side. At the bottom of each section are two buttons that function as movement keys and shooting keys. Players interact with the game by touching and selecting options on the screens. They don't need to physically pull a trigger; automatically responding to threats is achieved when an on-screen crosshair is directed at potential victims.


    The Walking Zombie 2's character equipment system is extremely detailed. It features an outfit, healing items, weapons and systems for each part of the body. The hats, shoes and clothing in the boutique increase the characters visual appeal instead of enhancing his combat prowess. A character should choose a weapon system based on their most frequently used tool. This is due to the fact that they use this weapon the most often. There are three different categories of weapon systems: Bomb, Secondary and Main. You can categorize weapons into many different types. These include heavy machine guns, RPG tanks and rifle classes. Although some of these options aren’t available right away, additional options can be unlocked in the future. The primary means of attack can be enhanced with a total of six attributes, including Damage, Magazine Size, Reload Time, Critical Damage and Spread. This is because The Walking Zombie 2’s challenge remains consistent as the game’s difficulty continues to increase. Additional note: larger than normal boss monsters are now introduced into the game. You can further outfit your Warframe with accessories and skins available in a separate section of the upgrade menu named after its tabs. These are accessible through clicking on the appropriate icon.

    Features a juxtaposition of two different ideas.

    Unlimited Money: There are two main currencies in The Walking Zombie 2, including gold and silver.

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