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AirBrush: Photo/Video Editor APK + MOD (Free purchase,Unlocked,Premium,Mod speed) v6.6.4

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Package Name com.magicv.airbrush
Category Photography
MOD Features Free purchase,Unlocked,Premium,Mod speed
Version 6.6.4
Size 324.19 MB
Requires 4.3 and up
Developer Meitu
Price Free
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Game Speed Hack / Ads Free
Premium Unlocked

AirBrush: Photo/Video Editor App Detail

What is Airbrush APK?

Airbrush APK is a powerful photo editor that can retouch people's old photos and create new masterpieces. It's a great app for any level of experience; it has many tools and features to help you with your editing. This app provides tools to remove imperfections, such as spots and wrinkles, from your photos. It also adjusts the colors and saturation of each picture to make them look best. Airbrush is a powerful photo editor with a wide range of features. It's easy to use and gives your photos a unique look thanks to its extensive range of filters. If you're looking for a powerful tool with many features, Airbrush is a great choice.

AirBrush: Photo/Video Editor screenshots
As a result of this app, you can use Airbrush in a mobile device.

Before you paint over an old photo to make it look new, consider how sentimental it is. Airbrush can easily fix nostalgic images and make them look contemporary again. The app is specifically tailored to work with Android devices, providing an easy-to-understand interface for even new photo editors. All the app’s interface elements are logically labeled and presented in a straightforward fashion. Additionally, the app’s functional tools are clearly labeled and explained to users with self-explanatory icons. The app only takes up 164MB of storage space and is extremely lightweight. It allows users to work with Android 5.0+ devices without any glitches.

AirBrush: Photo/Video Editor screenshots
A beginner-friendly tool recommended for ease of use.

This app is easy to understand and work with even for someone who has never worked with it before. Its straightforward interface makes learning to use it easy, while the app comes with a helpful tutorial.

AirBrush: Photo/Video Editor screenshots
There are many useful features in the Airbrush APP, as well as its original one.

A product used to remove pimples and acne. The app uses artificial intelligence to identify pimples and acne on the user's face and offers an option to remove them with a few taps. With this app's powerful pimple and acne remover tool, even stubborn spots can be removed. Using the Airbrush APK, you can clear away blemishes, scars and other skin irregularities from photos. This way, you can create perfectly clean portraits with no discoloration or marks. Removes wrinkles and dark spots with Vitamin C and kojic acid derived from a fermented rice bran. Advertisement The app is equipped with a dark spot remover tool. Another common skin imperfection is aging spots; this tool effectively removes them in particular around the eyes and mouth. Additional in-app features include a wrinkle remover and an anti-stretch tool. This tool uses a technology that accurately identifies dark spots and wrinkles on one's face. After this is done, no further effort is required to remove the imperfections. Providing brightening of the eyes and teeth. With the help of Airbrush's app, perfect smiles can easily be achieved in photographs. The app's teeth whitening tool quickly and easily makes your teeth brighter for an unforgettable Hollywood smile. Using the eye-brightening tool can help your eyes appear brighter and more youthful. It also makes your eyes look wider. This gives people a more energetic and youthful appearance. Slimming and restructuring help with weight loss. This specific tool helps one achieve the ideal slim look in a photo. It's ideal for those who want to appear more slender in their pictures. Just select the area of the body or face that needs to slim down and use the slider to get the desired look. Your iOS app has a reshaping feature that lets you adjust the shape of your nose, eyes, lips, and chin. This tool allows you to create any desired look, from a defined look to fuller lips. Minimize imperfections with makeup. The Airbrush app includes a make-up toolkit that gives users the ability to effortlessly apply makeup without difficulty. The app's make-up tools include eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and other cosmetics. Adding these embellishments doesn't require any talent or practice; it's as easy as pressing a button. In addition to adding fake eyelashes and changing the color of eyes, the app offers a variety of brushes for highlighting, contouring, and mixing. Plus, it allows users to use these brushes to create eyelash effects and more. artistic retouching options Additionally includes artistic minor details. Airbrush apps have a number of artistic filters you can use to add a creative element to your photos. This can be done through adding light leaks, filters or other effects to the image. You can use the app's other tools such as text and sticker editing to make your photos more personal. Additional artistic tools are hair color changing and double exposure effects. Other included tools include blurring, cropping and straightening pictures. Advertisement The ability to edit live is a real time paragon feature. Airbrush is the best because it gives you the ability to change your photos in real time. This means that you can see the changes you make as they're happening. Before taking a picture with the app, you’re able to preview the image on your phone. This way, you can achieve the perfect photo without having to experiment and take multiple pictures. Additionally, the app has an auto-fix feature that will fix any blurriness in the photo. Ease sharing with photos with an easy interface. Any platform you want can easily share your edited photos. This app supports Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and any other popular platform. It's also possible to save your photos to folders on your device or camera roll.

Download a Airbrush MOD APK app.

Using the Airbrush MOD APK old version or the newer one produces a great experience. This mod contains many additional features not found in the original version, such as the ability to use the Airbrush MOD. The original app has additional features that require paying for a subscription. However, the MOD bypasses this by providing all the available features for free. Ads are a hassle. They appear at inopportune moments and break up the player's workflow. With Airbrush MOD APK 2022's non-advertiser APK 2022, you can create art without being distracted. With the Airbrush MOD APK app, you can print photos in high resolution without worrying about quality. This app also has an unlimited export option, which makes it easy to post photos online or print them out.

Airbrush needs to be explained in-game.

The Easy Photo Editor is a simple, yet powerful application for editing photos.

AirBrush is useful because it allows you to access a specific area of the screen.

Plenty of image editors exist beyond the camera app. that we all know and use. However, let's talk about the result.

How to download and install AirBrush: Photo/Video Editor Mod APK :

Open your phone's settings and go to the "Security & Privacy" option.

Find the option of "Unknown Sources" and turn it on (skip this step if it is already turned on).

Download and find AirBrush: Photo/Video Editor Mod APK to be installed, which can be downloaded through a computer or mobile browser.

Click the downloaded APP installation package, the system will prompt whether to allow the installation of the APP, click "Continue to install".

During the installation process, the system may prompt that the APP needs to access certain device permissions, and the user needs to authorize according to the APP functional requirements.

After the installation is complete, you can find AirBrush: Photo/Video Editor MOD on your Android device, and click to use it.

After the installation is complete, it is recommended to turn off the "Unknown Sources" option to prevent other malware from being installed on the device in a similar way.


To avoid downloading and installing malicious programs, please try to download apps from official websites or trusted app stores.

Before installing the APP, you should check the permissions of the APP first, and do not easily authorize high-risk permissions to avoid leaking personal information.

Regularly update and upgrade the APP to fix possible bugs and weaknesses.

After installing the APP, it is recommended to install anti-virus software to strengthen device protection and security.

Safety statement

AirBrush: Photo/Video Editor Mod APK has been tested and verified by multiple mainstream antivirus software to ensure that it does not contain any malicious programs or viruses. We will constantly update and strengthen security measures to protect user data and privacy.

However, since AirBrush: Photo/Video Editor Mod APK comes from an unknown source, there are certain security risks. Therefore, we recommend that users carefully understand the functions and permissions of the APP before downloading and using it, and perform antivirus detection and upgrade operations on mobile phones or computers to avoid installing and using possible malicious programs.

At the same time, we also remind users to pay attention to the following safety precautions:

Download and install APPs should be obtained from official websites or trusted channels, and try to avoid downloading and installing from informal channels;

Do not install apps from unknown sources, and try to avoid using apps from unknown sources;

Do not easily authorize APP to access your private information and device permissions, including address book, camera, location, etc.;

Regularly clean up useless files and caches in your phone or computer to avoid excessive occupation of system resources and impact on device performance;

Upgrade operating systems and software versions in a timely manner, and patch security loopholes and weaknesses.

We attach great importance to the security and privacy of users, and will do our best to ensure the security of users' data and information. Thank you for your understanding and support

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