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Package Name com.zynga.FarmVilleTropicEscape
Category Simulation
MOD Features Free purchase
Version 1.175.1251
Size 189.56 MB
Requires 4.4 and up
Developer Zynga
Price Free
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Free expansion of warehouses
Free purchase of missing items.

FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape App Detail

Start heading to Paradise Island by choice.

In FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape, you’ll start as a farmer on an island with fresh air and green plants. This is a place to start farming and create a farm on the island. You’ll own a huge farm here, and it will house animals and plants. At the same time, you need to update the farm’s appearance and arrange its items. Additionally, you need to develop and maintain the farm’s aesthetic so that it can continue to appeal to customers and attract new ones to visit. Add entertainment for your patrons by creating unique drink recipes using trees that you’ve planted. This also produces additional products that can be used in animal husbandry.

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Discover the secrets hidden behind the Island.

This is a resort island paradise— but it also has mysteries to solve quickly. The game's first levels will intrigue you with secrets and interesting stories about this island. After arriving, you'll have many places to explore with your first mission. You need to visit mysterious places like ancient monkey temples, effervescent volcanoes and places where treasures are hidden. These places appear anywhere and require you to search for every trace of them.

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Extra income is earned by providing service to customers.

With FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape, you can develop your tourism-related abilities beyond farming crops or raising livestock. You can even start a business— as long as you first attract customers to support. This island provides a relaxing place with a poetic landscape; all you need to do is decorate and finish everything. Once this is done, the island will be more beautiful than ever before. Tourist spots provide jobs that attract visitors. Once these spots open, more people come to this island. Therefore, you need to expand services and create new facilities that serve the needs of the populace. This includes purchasing back Tiki Bars, Sushi Stands and artisanshops from citizens who want to close them down. You can also hire more guides to help manageable the workload.

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Create a center for wildlife growth.

this island will have all the resources needed for survival such as food— making it a popular place for animals to visit. Creating a central resting area and eating area for this island's inhabitants is necessary to ensure the safety of both visitors and wildlife. Tourists will come to your location to closely observe the rare animals you have. By attracting more of these often-desired visitors, you can increase your earning potential. Additionally, interacting with these wild animals gives guests the opportunity to take pictures and share their experiences with each other. You should also prepare your environment for their arrival by cleaning the area and making sure everything is ready for the meet and greet.

Key features of the parable include: sheep, a shepherd, and silver coins.

In order to transform into a hardworking farmer and begin their mission on a dreamy paradise island, players must complete assigned tasks and decorate the island's farm. You have to design a farm and create an organized system in order to grow trees and raise animals. You also need to figure out how to use the land most effectively. Despite being full of mysteries to discover, the island requires closure quickly so you can explore new places. Create a tourism-oriented island by developing it and making it appealing to visitors. Doing so will impress tourists with the amazing sights they see. To feed the wild animals that flock to your farm, you need to construct a wildlife center. This also grants you more resources to attract more guests.

Escape the oasis in the downloadable FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape mod!

In the sequel to FarmVille, players escape the city and live harmoniously with nature. They can cultivate vegetables, fruits and animals they love. They don’t need to live a hectic city life where players can do whatever they want. You can continue to grow your farm with new animals and plants every day. After harvesting, your profits help you expand your operation. By putting forth effort, the island's appearance influences whether it stands out from its peers or not. Players can interact with the island's flora and fauna as friends. However, they must ultimately sell them as pets.

Travel to the island and examine it.

The tropical plants and animals living on the island give it a romantic edge. A farmer working on the island fills his time with tasks. Appropriate breaks from labor are important; make sure to draft a farming plan as part of that break. In order to continue growing, a farm needs to follow a set direction. This is why FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape features an island that supplies agricultural products for everyone. To remain in competition, you need only understand one thing.

Break the code and find out.

The mission includes a plot system that leaves players eager to learn more. After completing the assignment, players receive additional story lines to consider. Additionally, the island contains many mysteries that keep players intrigued. Some of the mysterious places you'll visit during the quest chain are the effervescent volcano and ancient monkey shrine. Nobody knows what treasures are hidden in these locations since they're first discovered right after starting the quest. In FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape, you have to be the first to discover them.

Utilities are provided for guests.

The game FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape boasts the potential for tourism thanks to the island’s unique features and terrain. People flock to the island because of its accessibility and utility needs. They also develop utilities to serve their customers. New income is gained by retaining tourists thanks to the Tiki Bar, Sushi Stand, Artisan Workshop and other suggested works.

Construction of wildlife centers

Any food you enjoy will encourage many animals to come to your area.ect a variety of rare animals for your customers to admire. Players can take a souvenir photo for tourists with the animal they want.

How to download and install FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape Mod APK :

Open your phone's settings and go to the "Security & Privacy" option.

Find the option of "Unknown Sources" and turn it on (skip this step if it is already turned on).

Download and find FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape Mod APK to be installed, which can be downloaded through a computer or mobile browser.

Click the downloaded APP installation package, the system will prompt whether to allow the installation of the APP, click "Continue to install".

During the installation process, the system may prompt that the APP needs to access certain device permissions, and the user needs to authorize according to the APP functional requirements.

After the installation is complete, you can find FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape MOD on your Android device, and click to use it.

After the installation is complete, it is recommended to turn off the "Unknown Sources" option to prevent other malware from being installed on the device in a similar way.


To avoid downloading and installing malicious programs, please try to download apps from official websites or trusted app stores.

Before installing the APP, you should check the permissions of the APP first, and do not easily authorize high-risk permissions to avoid leaking personal information.

Regularly update and upgrade the APP to fix possible bugs and weaknesses.

After installing the APP, it is recommended to install anti-virus software to strengthen device protection and security.

Safety statement

FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape Mod APK has been tested and verified by multiple mainstream antivirus software to ensure that it does not contain any malicious programs or viruses. We will constantly update and strengthen security measures to protect user data and privacy.

However, since FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape Mod APK comes from an unknown source, there are certain security risks. Therefore, we recommend that users carefully understand the functions and permissions of the APP before downloading and using it, and perform antivirus detection and upgrade operations on mobile phones or computers to avoid installing and using possible malicious programs.

At the same time, we also remind users to pay attention to the following safety precautions:

Download and install APPs should be obtained from official websites or trusted channels, and try to avoid downloading and installing from informal channels;

Do not install apps from unknown sources, and try to avoid using apps from unknown sources;

Do not easily authorize APP to access your private information and device permissions, including address book, camera, location, etc.;

Regularly clean up useless files and caches in your phone or computer to avoid excessive occupation of system resources and impact on device performance;

Upgrade operating systems and software versions in a timely manner, and patch security loopholes and weaknesses.

We attach great importance to the security and privacy of users, and will do our best to ensure the security of users' data and information. Thank you for your understanding and support

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