How to improve the success of uploading mod app?

How to improve the success of uploading mod app?
Firstly, thanks too much for those players who uploaded the mod apps on HappyMod App. If you want the mod app you uploaded can be published successfully on HappyMod App. You should fill in the relevant information accurately.
1. You need to make sure the mod app you will upload corresponds to the original app. You can not upload a minecraft mod app on Subway Surfer app page. Or, you will be rejected.
2. You need upload a APK file download link on first column. And the download link should be zippyshare and medfire for now. You need make sure the download link is about APK file, not the exe,jpg, mp3, video, zip and any other file formats. You also need be careful the download links works, don't add any other thing on the link. For example, if you add a letter on the download link, the download link will not work, you will be reject.
3. You can add Obb download link if this app require it. If you miss the Obb download links while this app need it. You will be rejected.
4. You can add a youtube video link about the mod app.If you don't have one, it is ok, just not fill in anything. Remember don't upload the video link which is not related to this mod app. Otherwise you will be rejected.
5. You need fill in the mod info about the mod you upload. The language is better to be English. You need to write clearly what the mod app has modified. Don't fill in any other irrelevant information such as details about the original app. Otherwise you will be rejected.
6. You need upload at least one screenshot to prove the mod app you upload is working. Don't upload any irrelevant pictures. Or you will be rejected.

Why the mod app I uploaded was rejected?
There are many reasons why the mod app uploaded by the users is rejected. One main reason is that many users do not fill in right information about the mod app according the upload requirements of HappyMod App. Many users filled in the wrong download link, wrong mod info and uploaded the wrong pictures. So these uploads will be rejected. Another main reason is that many users will upload the same mod apk files for one game. Only one of those mod app will be published. Other Mod apps will be rejected. For example, there are hundreds of users will upload the mod for Among us. Only a few of these mods will be pulished because most of mod apk files are same.