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Package Name games.bit.storyngtonhall
Category Puzzle
MOD Features Infinite
Version 111.1.0
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Requires 4.4 and up
Developer Bit Games
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Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games App Detail

Give information about Storyngton Hall as an alternative to telling the tale of its existence.

Find inner peace by renovating the mansion and completing match-3 puzzles.

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While playing a match-3 game, you discover a fairy tale you never thought you’d see.

In the first room, there was a puddle and a pile of dry leaves blocking the entranceway. This is how the family begins each day. Completing this mission grants you the ability to remove leaves from branches with a branch removal tool that's already dry. As a bonus, a match 3 puzzle will appear complete and award you additional heart points. A new character appeared named Lady Regina Wroth. She was a hard woman with cruel words who made the Green family angry. She's the villain of the story, someone who can interfere with any of your plans and stop the family from rebuilding their mansion. A butler named Joe showed up after the discussion; he was surprised to discover the state of the mansion's abandonment. The family and Joe then moved into the house together. The Green family needs your help in completing their mansion's restoration and decoration. You are responsible for helping them one by one with matching-based puzzles that gradually increase in difficulty. Once all tasks are completed, you must also help the Green family prepare for a grand ball to celebrate their newfound opulence.

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New match-3 puzzles introduce new things.

The game features a bonus feature for its match-3 levels. Each level requires a different number of steps in order to be solved. Additionally, the bonus feature involves specific in-game actions that must be performed based on what items are requested. These actions include buying household supplies, finding items, redecorating the house and sorting through them. The Storyngton Hall game brings together classic match-three gameplay with a beautiful fairy tale. Its princess-prince outfits and plot lend to its match-3 model, which features a new story with logic after every scene. New characters appear throughout the game and each development follows a specific plot. Even after the thrill of a mystery ends, storyngton hall continues to keep the public on their toes. Because of the ongoing housecleaning process, every nook and cranny in the house is accessible without prior permission. To return the mansion to its former state of affluence, neatness, and courtesy, all rooms need to be redecorated with matching decor. This is done by renovating the area first, then designing and making new interior decorations. By completing quest lines in each room, you can display the matching decor in each room.

Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games screenshots
Offering players basic rewards and freedoms.

Storyngton Hall is a large abandoned mansion that needs renovations. During this process, the story and dreams of its inhabitants come to light. You'll initially feel as though you're part of this mysterious world when you first enter the building. Once you begin working on the renovation, you'll meet the mansion's 3 main members of the Green family as well as other supporting characters. By piecing together the tale of a person's unfulfilled ambitions, dreams and heartaches, one comes to understand their life's purpose. As the story unfolds, these long-sought goals come true through small increments. The epilogue is a happy one: the mother achieves her dream of forging a career writing; the father leaves his homeland in peace; and the daughter finds her one true love. The game’s special in-game tool is Janes Diary. I temporarily refer to it as the tool because it’s a diary that contains information on family members and important personality traits. The tool also records must-haves that players complete and tasks that are finished. This helps players maintain a good work ethic by listing their accomplishments and motivates them to achieve more in the future.

And additional artistic elements lend the game its visual appeal.

The Storyngton Halls 3D game's graphics are realistic and sharp. Once you see the first parts of the story, you can appreciate how much money was put into making this game. Every character has a unique shape, gait, posture, and outfit. The beauty of their surroundings makes it difficult to look at them. They live in front of your eyes like they're living in a fairy tale. The game's protagonist is animated in a realistic, deliberate fashion. From a distance, they appear as if they're moving between scenes in a Disney film. Even when playing the game, I can often feel as though I'm watching a movie instead of playing a game. In addition to some small audio effects, the game provides well-reproduced noises such as door openings, sighs and cheers. It also features sweeping sounds and other minor audio cues. Players need to pay attention to the story as they enjoy match-3.

The Green Family provided the oversized mansion with repairs.

The Storyngton Hall story revolves around a Green family with three members. Each member has a unique dream. Mr Green wants to take a nap and relax, while his wife would like to have a night's sleep. Green wants her daughter to find someone to love sincerely and loves her hobby of writing love novels. She also wants her daughter to make friends with people around and live a more active life. You need to consider what each family member prefers when designing rooms for their family. Additionally, you must build and decorate the entrance area with flowers to create a lavish and pleasing atmosphere for the villa. However, you must also watch out for Lady Wroth, who will attempt to sabotage your work.

The Villa's arrangement of furniture in the room served as an important part of its history.

The mansion in Storyngton Hall was constructed long ago as a retrofitted retreat for monarchs from a bygone era. Its sprawling dimensions include a multitude of distinctive setting with antique styles. However, the construction of this Victorian mansion occurred during the Regency period. Consequently, the structure is in bad shape and requires repair by you as an act of restoration. A need for something which is supplied by another.o do a lot of work to restore it to its former state or design it with a better style.

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After the installation is complete, you can find Storyngton Hall: Match 3 games MOD on your Android device, and click to use it.

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