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Package Name com.kongregate.mobile.tinkerisland.google
Category Adventure
MOD Features Unlimited money,Free purchase
Version 1.9.4
Size 85.01 MB
Requires 5.0 and up
Developer Kongregate
Price Free
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Unconditional purchase of resources

Tinker Island - Survival Story App Detail

Give details on Tinker Island.

No matter what the expense, you must survive!

Tinker Island - Survival Story screenshots
Being alive and happy are what survival is all about.

Many players believe playing a survival game requires intense focus, seriousness and tension. However, Tinker Island players shouldn’t adhere to this mindset. The story of Tinker Island takes place on a shipwrecked boat. The game revolves around the struggles of Robert, Mary and Jenny as they try to survive. In the middle of a tropical island devoid of people, a castaway's group must form a new society. With only wind, sunlight, trees and flowers to sustain them, the castaways must search for ways to survive. Although no individual is officially in charge, everyone plays an important part in the process. At the beginning of Tinker Island, the player will be confused about what is happening. Why is everything colorful and bright? The island has very simple graphics, and it seems like an optimistic place. However, the game isn’t at all threatening or confusing. It seems like everyone is just playing a game to survive. The game's entertaining dialog boxes between characters keep the player engaged. Despite the game's focus on daily survival efforts on an island throughout the story, both the male and female protagonists all work toward that goal. The first game in a popular tough survival genre is TINKER ISLAND. Playing this game will provide an interesting, up-to-date and youthful background music that's a highlight of the new generation of action games. Additionally, if you haven't played survival games before, you should play this first to test your limits. After that, you can play more hardcore survival games.

Tinker Island - Survival Story screenshots
You can live many different ways, thanks to your incredible durability.

In a game, you can operate one of three characters. Doing so lets you alter the character's functionality to address specific challenges. In our story, there are three characters. One is a gifted leader, one is a normal man and the third is a traveler from dreams. If you utilize each character's talents, you can live happily on the island. What must you endure to stay alive? Construction of shelters. Find sustenance. Supplying self-defense tools is useful. Find a way out of the island and create vehicles to help you explore it. Create a regular life necessities stockpile of food, supplies and materials. Conquer the island by battling ferocious wild animals from the edge of the forests. Also, vanquish nature's harsh obstacles by completing missions. As a leader, you must find jobs suitable for each member of your team that allow them to complete them within the time limit. This is because completing assigned missions on time is key to being a leader.

Tinker Island - Survival Story screenshots
Of course, you need food and safety for survival.

The system easily grants characters tasks on Tinker Island by interacting with them through conversation windows. This allows them to easily manipulate the island through dialog that appears as suggestions. Robert stated that he was hungry, prompting Mary to suggest she and her husband also had a hunger pang. When Jenny announced her intentions to go fishing, she asked her followers to prepare for a fire. After that, she suggested choosing her for the fishing challenge and pairing Marry and Robert for a firewood gathering. Finding food is the most crucial aspect of survival. Without it, no one can keep their heads above water. Getting these materials and resources requires first gathering basic supplies. In order to survive on this island, you need to figure out how to manage resources and gather food and water right away. Alternatively, you can ignore these important aspects of the game and starve to death.

There are many options for returning home safely, even if you don’t survive the trip.

Creating tools and vehicles out of available natural resources is another unique aspect of this game. You must gather the materials needed to create these items yourself. Then, use them to hunt animals, move around the island, or craft boats to catch fish. As I explored Tinker Island, I noticed several mysteries and scary occurrences. This island doesn’t just offer scenic walks; it also has many thrills to discover. The more you search, the more you learn and understand. By limiting your movement to one place, the game forces you to perform various actions. Because of this, searching helps you closer to returning home. Everything you do leads up to this pivotal point. Choices throughout the game lead to an ultimate conclusion. On the outside, the game appears to be open-ended. However, that illusion is ruined by the loose ends in the plot and by the way the game mechanics force you to carefully read every word of each character's dialogue. Rather than a traditional visual novel, this game feels more like a visual novel hybrid. In the game, investigators should look for clues in the text as many are hidden throughout.

The island conceals many mysteries that remain unsolved.

In order to avoid experiencing a sense of horror, I share information about the island. The island used to be an ancient city that was buried and destroyed long ago; it was the site of an ancient civilization. Throughout the journey, characters discover the sad history of an ancient city thanks to remnants of buildings, villages and temples hidden somewhere along the way. While searching for valuables, they have a good chance of finding many gems.

A mysterious island lies in the middle of a desert. To survive, inhabitants must learn to hunt, forage and build their homes.

This game’s story begins when players find different characters abandoned on a deserted island in the game Tinker Island. Because the island is strange and uninhabited, players must find a way to stay alive. They will search different areas for resources that they need and new jobs will appear before them. With assigning tasks in this game easy with just swipes, creating jobs in this game is simple. The game features a table with characters' health and status information. Additionally, you can view information about the jobs and locations featured in the game via boards. In this game, you must swipe a character to a place or job that you believe suits them. Because this is a straightforward process, many interesting things won’t be able to escape your notice. ———

How to download and install Tinker Island - Survival Story Mod APK :

Open your phone's settings and go to the "Security & Privacy" option.

Find the option of "Unknown Sources" and turn it on (skip this step if it is already turned on).

Download and find Tinker Island - Survival Story Mod APK to be installed, which can be downloaded through a computer or mobile browser.

Click the downloaded APP installation package, the system will prompt whether to allow the installation of the APP, click "Continue to install".

During the installation process, the system may prompt that the APP needs to access certain device permissions, and the user needs to authorize according to the APP functional requirements.

After the installation is complete, you can find Tinker Island - Survival Story MOD on your Android device, and click to use it.

After the installation is complete, it is recommended to turn off the "Unknown Sources" option to prevent other malware from being installed on the device in a similar way.


To avoid downloading and installing malicious programs, please try to download apps from official websites or trusted app stores.

Before installing the APP, you should check the permissions of the APP first, and do not easily authorize high-risk permissions to avoid leaking personal information.

Regularly update and upgrade the APP to fix possible bugs and weaknesses.

After installing the APP, it is recommended to install anti-virus software to strengthen device protection and security.

Safety statement

Tinker Island - Survival Story Mod APK has been tested and verified by multiple mainstream antivirus software to ensure that it does not contain any malicious programs or viruses. We will constantly update and strengthen security measures to protect user data and privacy.

However, since Tinker Island - Survival Story Mod APK comes from an unknown source, there are certain security risks. Therefore, we recommend that users carefully understand the functions and permissions of the APP before downloading and using it, and perform antivirus detection and upgrade operations on mobile phones or computers to avoid installing and using possible malicious programs.

At the same time, we also remind users to pay attention to the following safety precautions:

Download and install APPs should be obtained from official websites or trusted channels, and try to avoid downloading and installing from informal channels;

Do not install apps from unknown sources, and try to avoid using apps from unknown sources;

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Regularly clean up useless files and caches in your phone or computer to avoid excessive occupation of system resources and impact on device performance;

Upgrade operating systems and software versions in a timely manner, and patch security loopholes and weaknesses.

We attach great importance to the security and privacy of users, and will do our best to ensure the security of users' data and information. Thank you for your understanding and support

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